Cl Introduction


To express the future vision global contents group of DRAGONFLY, the eyes of the dragonfly that express the plurality and diversity of contents and the sphere symbolizing the cutting edge technology have been combined to form the initial D of DRAGONFLY. This expresses the new challenging will of DRAGONFLY. On top of that, we have doubled its meaning by adapting the blue color that symbolizes trust and confidence.

Symbol Mark

It is the factor that represents the image of DRAGONFLY and is the key factor that conveys the consistent image. At times of usage, it must obey the matters indicated in the present clause and must be enlarged or reduced in direct proportion for usage.

Color Type

Logo Type

With the role of assisting the symbol mark, it also accomplishes the communication function at the same time.
The logo type is to e used together with the symbol mark and for instances of only having to use to logo type, one must gain the authorization of the CJ management department.


The signature plays the role of conveying the upright image and further simplifies the communication while effectively informs of DRAGONFLY by systematically arranging and regulating the association of the symbol mark and the logo type. By positioning them with placing certain distances, the visual balance and legibility was elevated. The symbol mark and logo type must not be used by voluntarily altering the ratio and intervals and in accordance with the situations of the applied medium the appropriate form can be selected for usage.

Color System

In addition to the symbol mark and the logo type, the exclusive colors are one of the 3 factors that form the identity of the corporation and is the visual factor that is high in discernment that is first recognized amongst various graphic factors. Therefore during use of colors, the symbol mark and logo type must be based on the exclusive colors and assisting color must be used by considering the conditions of the surroundings and the harmony of the main color.